Total 260 sq. meters, 130 sq. meters each floor.

Dominates in the presence of the Ithaca port! It is unique, standing there over a century watching the sea and welcoming the visitors!

Renovated in 2000 and has become one of the most famous Clubs in the Ionian Islands. The building is 260 sq. meters from stones (inside/outside), 130 sq. meters each floor, height 11 m, in a total area of 150 sq. meters.
Inside is divided by wooden loft which serves as store's living room. Interior is unique, crystal chandeliers and wood blend with harmony.

It is fully equipped to host more than 500 people at once. If you continue to use it as a Club, please note that it is fully equipped to offer luxury services (soundproofing, air codition, bar equipment etc.)

The use of the building may be changed in accordance with the wishes of the buyer. Across the harbor area is no longer permitted building any building and for any use. So the buyer can either convert into private storey house (the height of the house permits) or commercial property taking advantage of its position.

* The building can also be exchanged with a fly-type yacht (16m to 18m long). There will be a further discussion upon the amount of price remaining.

Building Plans: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6


Vathi, Ithaca Greece